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It is nearly impossible to be alone while traveling alone. Hostels, train cars, under small, green and white-stripped awnings during low-level hurricane winds and excessive lightning (epileptics beware) caught in route between the train station and the hotel are just a few of the places you may meet someone new and interesting. The places that you meet someone new will vary, however, and I assure you, the questions will be the same. To name a few…

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7 Shots Instead Of 6

Imagine white-sand beaches for miles – as far as the eye can see.  Brightly hued umbrellas packed together like a rainy rush hour in New York City.  Wagons carrying anything from float toys to fresh fruits ripping down the beach equipped with only 1 donkey-power apiece. A deep breath would only trigger a wrenching hunger with the aromas of freshly baked, brick-oven pizzas and funnel cakes that are so artery-filling you could put on weight just by looking at them.

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Unconditioned Air

Arriving in Athens – 11:30 pm, 29˚C- equipped with a few Greek words, very little money and even less of an idea for accommodations. I had planned on taking the Metro, a well air-conditioned local rail system, into town. That plan was a bust because the Metro stops running at 11:00. No worries. After hustling around for a while, building up quite a sweat down my neck and back, I found a bus for £3 that would take me where I wanted to go. I hopped on, found a cozy seat next to the window and pried it open for a much-needed refreshing breeze.

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Type A or B Personality?

Ahhh.. Finally at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Gate D21 (right across from the Chili’s – life couldn’t be better).  I’m at the gate and eager to sit down and christen my travel bible “Europe for Dummies.” Okay chapter 1 Planning Your Trip To Europe. “You need to start planning a few months before you leave.” My translation “…a few minutes before you leave.”  Where’s the adventure in all that planning!

I had all that I needed.  A Camera.. A Tripod.. and A Toothbrush

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