7 Shots Instead Of 6

Imagine white-sand beaches for miles – as far as the eye can see.  Brightly hued umbrellas packed together like a rainy rush hour in New York City.  Wagons carrying anything from float toys to fresh fruits ripping down the beach equipped with only 1 donkey-power apiece. A deep breath would only trigger a wrenching hunger with the aromas of freshly baked, brick-oven pizzas and funnel cakes that are so artery-filling you could put on weight just by looking at them.

In the midst of this sandy paradise I walk 20 minutes each way to link up with the rest of the world on an Internet connection that could only be compared with the Wall Street Stock Market – consistent ebb and flow – mostly ebb!

Seven shots, instead of six, was number of espresso shots I guzzled – like high-octane diesel pumped into a thirsty Formula 1 race car – in order to focus on dynamic lines of delicate HTML code for hours long into the morning.  Today, August 24th, 2010 will be a liberating day as I publish a month long project live to the Internet – Georgia Solar Energy Association’s New Website.

Please take a moment to be consumed by the possibilities of solar energy! You can also find loads of information about solar energy at www.u-renew.com. United Renewable Energy has installed dozes of residential and commercial solar panels all across the east coast!

Another illustrious source of energy are carbohydrates. My favorite being various types of breads and pastas – best served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Albania, the price is right! A full belly per/day = $15 or 1,500 Lekes; No Tax.

The Albanian beach house in Kavaja serves as an excellent family retreat with beautiful weather, modern amenities and affordable prices.

View Photos From Kavaja, Albania

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3 Responses to 7 Shots Instead Of 6

  1. Donna says:

    I didn’t see you pack your hammock!:)

  2. david williams says:

    Did those pastas 3 times a day in Albania get a little boring?

    • kevatga says:

      While the food was quite boring there were plenty of other exciting things to do like nap in a hammock, meet someone new or play their local game on the beach – they still haven’t given it a name yet. It was a mix of speed, tag and deception.

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