This journey would not be possible without the support and generosity of many people, friends & family and amazing people along the way.

This page is a huge thank you for allowing me to realize my dreams.

  • Ma & Pa for the overwhelming support and encouragement
  • My aw-inspiring Brother and Sister, Ryan and Sarah for “Making it happen”
  • Special Thanks to Shelly S for paving the way
  • Kori P for the comic relief | I’m smiling just thinking about all the jokes and for the monetary support! Phew!
  • Shana & Bill, Michael & Mark, Jenny & Kristine.  Thank you all for your continuing financial support and encouragement
  • Ashley B for your creative and inspirational poems, as well as literally suppling the tripod and other camera gear | Photo Etc. Online
  • George S because true friends are far and few

  • Generous girl at the internet cafe – jumped up and offered her own money after witnessing the gentleman behind the desk refusing me computer usage for only a couple minutes for free (I had a credit card but which they didn’t accept). When finished and at the checkout desk a co-worker who witnessed the girl’s ARK (Act of Random Kindness) gave the seesion to me for free, thus I returned the money back to the generous girl. – whole experience gave me the chills!

  • Benevolent Taxi Driver – who continued his kindness after discovering that he would not be paid for the service. I was heading to the port in Albania and needed to stop at an ATM to withdrawal cash – cash to pay the taxi driver. The ATM machine decided to eat my card, thus not feeding me any money, leaving me no way to pay the taxi driver. The driver witnessed the ATM’s appetite and drove me all the way to the port knowing he wouldn’t receive payment. He didn’t speak a lick of english, smiled all the way there and even sent me off with a piece of chewing gum. – undeniable altruism.

  • Pam from Australia – My Firenze roommate who I just met, lending me a some Euro’s simply because I asked. Lending a complete stranger money with only a marginal, at best, feeling of reiemburmbent. – Thank you for your trust.

  • Friendly Italian gentleman – that without asking, went out of his way to make sure I got on the correct Ferry. – Thank you for putting others first.

  • Florence Hostel Manager – again without asking, “From one artist to another,” he said just before giving me free time on the internet. – Thank you for understanding.

  • Marvelous Magda N. – Her kindness radiates! As a valued employee of Ospitalia Del Mare, Levanto Italy, Magda welcomes me each morning with a warm smile, happy story and an expresso shot – no sugar. My budget would not allow me to spend 2 full weeks at the hostel where she works, however it was imperative that I use their great internet wifi. Magda, understanding my work situation, and without asking, offered the internet and cozy working corridors for no charge! – Thank you Magda and all of the Ospitalia Staff for your overwhelming generosity – the generosity fairy-tails are made of.

  • The 4 Italian gentleman responsible for returning my wallet – especially the kind Italian who discovered it in the street and rode it over to the police station. – Thank you all for your kindness.

  • The charitable chef – who, upon witnessing the doom of his glorious and delicious pizza to the bowels below – the floor, reacted, w/out hesitation, by placing another pizza in the brick-oven. – Thank you. No one asked you to be so forgiving.

  • Bargain Johnny – who hooked me up big time with my outfitters gear! Huge savings and even thew in some free items just because he is that awesome! – Thanks for the great savings.

  • My Albanian friends Ardit, Beqir and one more – who, on a daily basis, provided superb service at the Family Hotel Albania. Not where I stayed but the hotel where I worked 8-10 hour days. Looking up every once in a while only to see the Adriatic and their smiling faces. – Thank you for befriending.

4 Responses to Gratitude

  1. kevatga says:


    So pleased to hear that dental hygiene is a priority! Enjoy your travels and remeber:

    You don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!

  2. Donna says:

    amazing renditions of gratitude!

    • kevatga says:

      Thanks Mom, and only if you were there to experience them! I love people like these and there have been so many more. The great news it that the world is full of them!

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