Where to?

As I continue backpacking through Europe, I have no plans of where I will go or what I will see. If you know of a place you think is worth a trip, please let me know about it!

I rely on local knowledge to find the really cool places – and I’d love to hear from you!

Maybe it’s a hiking trail, hot spring, serene landscape, or anything else you think a photographer might like to spend a couple days photographing.

Please submit a comment below with details – photos, links, contacts.



6 Responses to Where to?

  1. Donna says:

    Hi honey! I think you have to scroll to get info on St Anthony of Padua (my guy)!The church is in northern Italy! How amazing to be able to visit the actual church where his relics are found.

    The website of the Catholic Church in England & Wales.

  2. EmilyE says:

    Hey Kevin- (Emily Evans here)
    Since you are in Italy, you should stop by the Island of Capri.. you would get fantastic pics there.. the ocean is a very pretty blue green with gardens built by rulers and such… they have this cave the Blue Grotto that you take a boat to.. again, wonderful pics! Hope you are having fun! Glad I stumbled upon your site!!! Best wishes!

    Emily Evans

    • kevatga says:

      Hi Emily, It is good to hear from you! and thank you for submitting you idea. I flikred Capri, Italy and, you are right, it looks beautiful! I am going to do my best to remain in Europe for the winter. At which time would be great to be in the warmer climate of Capri! If I make it down to Capri you will be the first to know and I’ll send you some of the photos!

      Glad to hear all is well!

  3. Kristine says:

    I noticed a comment about Amsterdam in your most recent entry- I don’t know if you will find yourself north anytime soon, but do NOT miss Holland- it was amazing! You’ll love the canals and the old buildings, and the people were wonderful. Not to mention the biggest bike parking facility in the world…you and your camera would have fun there! If you’re headed up there at any point, let me know, and we can probably set you up with some of Nic’s family to show you around (if you want- he has some pretty awesome cousins!) Hope you’re well! Talk soon.

    • kevatga says:

      Hi Kristine,

      You made Amsterdam sound even more appealing! It is defiantly now in my top 3 Must See. I will be sure to give you a buzz when I head north to Holland! Thank you so much for the generous offer!

      Warm regards,

    • kevatga says:

      Hi Kristine,

      Just made plans to visit Amsterdam! I arrive Saturday October 9th. Not sure how long I’ll be staying (1-2 weeks estimate). I will be camping at either “Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam” or “Camping Vliegenbos”. Wouldn’t mind meeting up with some of Nic’s family, but I understand if they are busy : )

      Hope all is well!

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